The theme of today’s assignment is to interpret connect. Any other day, this would be a positive and light-hearted photo project, but today is not like any other day. Even the weather today was dark and dreary. I don’t usually take black and white photos, but I wanted the photo to communicate a darker mood, and I thought a B&W photo would be fitting.  This is … Continue reading Connect?


For me, solitude is almost as essential as food or water. I need it to clear my head, find my inner calm – it is like breathing. Lately, I find it at the gym. I am usually the first customer there, and the whole room is mine. No other sounds, no music, no one… Thinking about solitude made me go back to the time I … Continue reading Solitude


I have experienced moments of bliss a few times in my life during long training runs, mostly in the wee hours of the morning running in the park, in perfect crisp and weightless spring weather.  It was a feeling of being completely one with the universe – at that moment I was the universe,  the universe was me, and time did not exist.  Some call … Continue reading Bliss

7-Day Nature Photo Challenge ~ Day 6

I was nominated by a fellow blogger, Quingdom, for a 7-Day Nature Photo Challenge, and I have been posting nature photos from my own stock of photos for a few days. Torch ginger is native to South East Asia, and I have first seen it in the Ginger Garden at Singapore Botanic Gardens. First of all, I would have never thought that gingers would have … Continue reading 7-Day Nature Photo Challenge ~ Day 6


Every time I look at this photo, I feel like I have just taken a deep breath. This little lake and lush greenery are located in Upstate New York, only a few hours away from the city. I took this photo on an August day when I spent the weekend there for my friends’ wedding. The greenery around the lake was almost overwhelming to us coming from … Continue reading Water

My Street

As a part of the Photo101 class I am taking at the Blogging U, I will be posting photos daily for the next two weeks. When I take photos I don’t think about composition, angle, etc., so this will be interesting. Never seriously considered a DSLR, just because I don’t think I will carry around a heavy machine with me too often. I used a point-and-shoot … Continue reading My Street