White Egg Omelette with Purslane

This morning having nothing else in my apartment, I had to improvise. I had some purslane, cauliflower and kale and egg whites and no bread at all. So I made the simplest and tastiest omelette ever!

Purslane may not be a well-known vegetable out there, especially in the U.S. Luckily that is changing; I started seeing purslane in most farmers’ markets in New York City in the last few years.


When I was growing up in Turkey, it was one of our weekly staples in spring. My mom used to cook it just like how she cooked spinach – with some tomatoes, sunflower oil, mostly in its own juice and a handful of rice added in the last minute. The taste is a lot more exciting than spinach in my opinion – sour and tangy. Later on my sister’s favorite way to prepare it became a part of our family’s regular kitchen repertoire: Purslane salad – fresh, raw purslane mixed with a touch of olive oil, plain yoghurt and some garlic.

But this morning, it is all about a simple and filling breakfast.

So I started by putting a teaspoon of olive oil in a small omelette pan and sauté a big bunch of my purslane that I already washed yesterday. Sprinkled over some salt,fresh black pepper and red pepper flakes for flavor and cooked it just 2-3 minutes in medium heat. Poured over the egg whites and covered and let it cook for a few minutes. Turned over and cooked the other side for a few more and that’s it!

Bon Appétit!

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