Where else would you want to be?

It was a late afternoon in our summer home in Southern Turkey. My Dad used to love his garden, but the lemon tree was his baby. He took care of it with so much love. The tree was so bountiful that every summer even after we gave bags and bags of lemon to our neighbors, we still had enough for my Mom to make her famous lemonade. Oh, the lemonade. She served it over ice with a couple of freshly picked mint leaves from the garden; once you tried it, you always asked for the second.

In this photo, I love that both my Dad and Mom were in their own worlds, just looking so peaceful.



15 thoughts on “Where else would you want to be?

  1. I love this picture! Is it always so sunny in Turkey? I’m afraid that I am not skilled enough to give any technical points, but it does clearly show the things you want (ie the lemon tree and your parents). It appeals greatly to me, I have a lemon tree at home-nowhere near as big or as fruitful, but it’s a major event when one becomes ripe-pancakes all round (topped with maple syrup, sugar, and a dash of lemon)!

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    1. Thank you!
      How cool that you have a lemon tree too! Yes, whether it a few or many – it is such a treat every year!
      Our summer house is in the southwestern part of Turkey. The weather there is pretty warm and sunny all year round. But we have all four seasons in Turkey in general, so in some parts of the country we sometimes get dark and gloomy days too.

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  2. I know the feeling! In summers, we are very fortunate to have lemons in the garden, but in winters, we still need to buy them. Right now we are experimenting with growing lemons in a container. So far no luck, but we are hopeful.

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