Introducing a weekly feature

What’s making you happy this week? This is a segment in one of my favorite podcasts “Pop Culture Happy Hour by NPR. First, the podcast is exactly about what it says on its name: A weekly roundtable discussion about pop culture. It is such a fun podcast, and I look forward to listening to it every Friday. You guys should check it out if you haven’t heard of it yet. In the “What’s making you happy this week?” segment, each person on the show shares 2-3 things in the pop culture that they are happy about that week. Inspired by this segment, and I would like to start my own version: TheWeekly. 

introducing (1)

The reason why I like this segment is that it makes you stop and think about little things. We are all oh so busy living, and stopping for a minute and taking inventory of what made us happy will probably put a little sun in our day.

TheWeekly will feature two-three things that I am happy about or wanting to share with everyone. It could be a recipe, book, event, blog post, basically anything and everything is new and exciting to me that week. I am also hoping that this would be a feature we can interact. I tell you mine, and you tell me yours! What do yo think?





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