What is making you happy this week?

This is the first post of a weekly feature that I am very excited about: TheWeekly.

For those of you who visit this blog for the fist time, I introduced it last week here. In a nutshell, TheWeekly will feature two or three things that I am happy about and want to share with everyone. I am also hoping that this would be a feature we can interact. I tell you mine, and you tell me yours!

So, my #1 is a book. What is better than reading fiction that involves intelligence agencies, political intrigues and the world of espionage? Of course, books about the real, murky world of intelligence. I had been wanting to read A Spy Among Friends: Kim Philby and the Great Betrayal by Ben Macintyre for a while, and I finally started it this week. I was hooked after reading a few pages because it is better than fiction!

See book on Goodreads

Kim Philby was one of Britain’s top spies, and he head the British Counterintelligence efforts against the Soviets during the Cold War Era, only to be discovered later that he was also working for the Soviets. Seriously, doesn’t it already sound as interesting as John le Carré or Jason Matthews books, or even The Americans? The writing is suspenseful and gripping. It is an excellent book, and really making me happy this week.

#2 I stumbled upon a information designer this week. Her name is Anne Vidal and she designs infographics. Now, you may say “what, another infographic?”, but her stuff is really interesting. Here is an example:



Created by Anna Vital


She designs infographics on several different topics, but I love the ones that are a bit out there, like “The Meaning of Life”, “Why Take Risks” and many more. She is on Twitter, and Instagram, so check her out!

What is making you happy this week?

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