My two picks!

As I am writing this post, the rain is hitting the windows so heavily that it is empowering the music I am listening to. The moment is kind of perfect, really.

For those of you who visit this blog for the fist time, I introduced it here. In a nutshell, TheWeekly will feature two or three things that I am happy about and want to share with everyone. I am also hoping that this would be a feature we can interact. I tell you mine, and you tell me yours!

Without further ado, here is my top two for the week:

My #1 is music. This week, I couldn’t stop listening to Sound & Color by Alabama Shakes. This is their second album. They released this album back in 2015, and many of you might have already heard it, but it is soo good that I think it is ok to still talk about it. I cannot really call this album soul, funk, rock but it is perhaps all of these. The lead singer is beyond amazing, so powerful. My favorite song from the album is Don’t Wanna Fight.

Give it a listen. They are touring in North and South America this year, I hear their live shows are an experience!

My #2 is a website about book collections by today’s visionaries in the business world. It is called Bookicious. What I liked about this site is that it is created by an 18-year old entrepreneur who lives in Mexico City. This kid seems to know what he exactly wants, the site looks very clean, to-the-point, bold and professional. Because it is brand new, the collections are limited, but I think once he has more content up there, it will be a really good resource for many.


This site reminded me of another website I found out last week through one of the wonderful bloggers I follow: The Greatest Books. It is an impressive site; its algorithm collects “best of all time” lists created by experts and authors, then creates and ranks them according to how many times the works appear on lists. There are two sections, fiction and non-fiction. So I usually bookmark reading lists recommended by some super smart people, now I feel like I have two good resources that I can check out whenever I want. Isn’t that fabulous?

What is making you happy this week?

6 thoughts on “My two picks!

  1. What’s making me happy this week:

    1. The song “Vide Cor Meum”, from the Hannibal soundtrack has been on my replay list all week. I love this. I sing along to it in the car, (and the Hannibal season two soundtrack song, Mizunomo.)

    2. I’m not supposed to eat a lot of bread but I’m thoroughly addicted to Hawaiian brand sweet rolls. I’ve been lunching on those all week along with sharp cheddar here cubes, chopped apples, honey barbecue sausage sticks, and hot Earl Grey tea. (I need to stooooop!😄)

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    1. Thanks for sharing your top two 😊
      Wow, Mizunomo is heartbreaking and beautiful. I am a fan of Mads Mikkelsen but I have not really watched the show, I understand it is a good show. Do you suggest it?
      Oh, that sounds delicious! Well, apple is fruit so it can’t be so bad 🙂

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      1. Yeah, I’m currently doing re-watch reviews of the show. Its a delightfully twisted, dark, Gothic, platonic romance between two men. Ive loved Mads since Valhalla Rising and he is awesome and creepy. (Re-watching this show is another thing making me happy this week, btw.)

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  2. Wow, this is such a nice initiative! 🙂 A post like this suddenly makes me halt and smile. Nice to know of the two things that made you happy this week.I went to the book website.It is quite a resource.I loved checking out the recommendations by Jeff Bezos.:)

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