7-Day Nature Photo Challenge ~ Day 6

I was nominated by a fellow blogger, Quingdom, for a 7-Day Nature Photo Challenge, and I have been posting nature photos from my own stock of photos for a few days.

Torch ginger is native to South East Asia, and I have first seen it in the Ginger Garden at Singapore Botanic Gardens. First of all, I would have never thought that gingers would have this exquisite flowers. Then I’ve found out that young flower buds and tender inner part of the leafy shoots are used as a spice and vegetable as well! Astounding. Personally, I would just like toย admire this flower and not eat it (although I am still curious as to how it tastes, I hear its petals have a gingery sweet floral fragrance).


RULES: Post one #naturephoto and nominate someone else per day for 7 days.

Nominating Livingtheqlife for the challenge. They have a terrific blog chronicling their travel, food & wine adventures. I look forward to reading their posts if they participate in the challenge.

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