Introducing a weekly feature

What’s making you happy this week? This is a segment in one of my favorite podcasts “Pop Culture Happy Hour“ by NPR. First, the podcast is exactly about what it says on its name: A weekly roundtable discussion about pop culture. It is such a fun podcast, and I look forward to listening to it every Friday. You guys should check it out if you haven’t heard of … Continue reading Introducing a weekly feature

A Fascination with Green Markets of Istanbul

One of my most favorite activities is going to the local markets where ever I am, and discovering new ingredients, or different varieties of the food stuff that I love and use often. Every culture has a different relationship with food. When you are somewhere completely new, it is a kind of a shortcut in education in the local culture. In Turkey, we shop the … Continue reading A Fascination with Green Markets of Istanbul

You say Sugar Palm, I say Palm Sugar

Very early in the morning on an already hot and very humid day, our driver picked us at the hotel to go to Angkor Wat. We were feeling pretty good riding on our super cute tuktuk when our driver stopped at a small roadside market. And there we got introduced to the making of palm sugar, palm fruit, palm sap – basically everything palm. When you … Continue reading You say Sugar Palm, I say Palm Sugar

White Egg Omelette with Purslane

This morning having nothing else in my apartment, I had to improvise. I had some purslane, cauliflower and kale and egg whites and no bread at all. So I made the simplest and tastiest omelette ever! Purslane may not be a well-known vegetable out there, especially in the U.S. Luckily that is changing; I started seeing purslane in most farmers’ markets in New York City … Continue reading White Egg Omelette with Purslane