Introducing a weekly feature

What’s making you happy this week? This is a segment in one of my favorite podcasts “Pop Culture Happy Hour“ by NPR. First, the podcast is exactly about what it says on its name: A weekly roundtable discussion about pop culture. It is such a fun podcast, and I look forward to listening to it every Friday. You guys should check it out if you haven’t heard of … Continue reading Introducing a weekly feature

In the Company of Strangers

What is a social butterfly? A gregarious person who thrives in a social setting, navigating the room effortlessly, comfortable in any situation, skillful in small talk, often full of charm. Well, I am not one. I almost always prefer spending time with a close group of friends, rather than going to a party. Making small talk drains my energy faster than anything else, and even … Continue reading In the Company of Strangers

You say Sugar Palm, I say Palm Sugar

Very early in the morning on an already hot and very humid day, our driver picked us at the hotel to go to Angkor Wat. We were feeling pretty good riding on our super cute tuktuk when our driver stopped at a small roadside market. And there we got introduced to the making of palm sugar, palm fruit, palm sap – basically everything palm. When you … Continue reading You say Sugar Palm, I say Palm Sugar

Bhutan, the happiest place on Earth

When I was a kid, I watched a film about a place called Shangri-La. It was a place hidden in the Himalayas, where there was only happiness. People were -no matter what their age were- young and healthy, friendly to others, there was an abundance of everything. Once you got in you never wanted to leave. Before I travelled to Bhutan, I read so many stories … Continue reading Bhutan, the happiest place on Earth