For me, solitude is almost as essential as food or water. I need it to clear my head, find my inner calm – it is like breathing.

Lately, I find it at the gym. I am usually the first customer there, and the whole room is mine. No other sounds, no music, no one…


Thinking about solitude made me go back to the time I spent in Pokhara, Nepal. After an eventful and incomplete Everest Base Camp trek, I spent a few days in Pokhara. I made a visual post about Pokhara last year, here. It is such a chill place that you can’t but relax there.

Photo101-5 Pokhara


19 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. I can relate to the solitude on the beautiful Lake Phewa in Pokhara. I was there in 2013 for the same reason- a trek to Base Camp where we decided to turn back at Shomare before we got to EBC. Back in Kathmandu we decided to go to Pohkara and Chitwan before we had to fly back home to Australia.
    Great photo and it is a beautiful place to enjoy solitude on the lake. I am going to check your Pokhara post now.

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